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Arise and Shine Organizatioin (ASO) is a non-profit organization

It was founded on Christian principles by Ssendawula Ronald and registered under the laws of Uganda. Registration Number: 261. It is located in Uganda, Mpigi district, Mawokota County, Buwama Subcounty, Bunjakko Island, Kinyinabo Village.

ASO is currently looking after a number of children who have been orphaned or are in poverty striken families, providing them with all basic needs and Education. more
ASO started a home to take care of children without homes, providing them with hope for the future and peace of mind. more
Having been founded on Christian principles, ASO understands the value of faith in aperson's life. Through this project, ASO hopes to provide hope for eternity after Earth. more
Old age is very difficult time for a lot of people. Combine that with having no relatives to provide help and an inability to take care of oneself financially and it becomes even worse. ASO tries to help the eldery facing these conditions. more