Our projects
Each of our projects is a service to the community
We are very proud of the work that Arise and Shine Organization has been able to accomplish. The glory goes back to God for every life changed and every new opportunity created. We hope that you too can be part of this wonderful work that will see us impacting lives not just here on earth but also to eternity.

The Children Support Fund

ASO is currently looking after a number of children both orphans and those in poverty striken families by providing them with all basic needs and education. Some of the orphans live at our home where as other with their relatives

Since alot of children in Bunjakko come from very poor families, they dont have the chance to get an education and this goes for most of the other basic needs a child should grow up enjoying. Through our school (The Samuels Charity School) we help provide an education to these children in concert with providing all their basic needs. We also provide the children with free domestic animals (mainly goats) to help uplift their families' financial status.


After convincing some members of the Bunjakko community to provide shelter to some of the orphan children, we realised that we could only so far with this route. We thus were able to start a home where we could take of their primary needs of accomodation, food, clothing, to mention but a few. We have witnessed children who would otherwise have been consumed by all sorts of crime and disease transformed into children with dreams of changing their environment to give the same opportunities afforded to them by ASO.

Scripture Union

Giving someone hope for future on earth can only take them so far. We believe that where as life on earth is of great importance, life after earth is of utmost importance because it takes place in eternity, time which is much more compared the 120 years we spend on earth. It is with thinking in mind that we help our children choose life with our creator by providing them with the word of God. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.

The Eldery Support Project

The Arise and Shine Organization (ASO) looks after old people who have lost most of their relatives and are unable to provide basic needs for themselves. We provide them with clothing, medical care, beddings, food, water and renovation of their homes. Anyone in the eldery stage knows how wonderful it can be to have your family take care of them and provide for them. Unfortunately due to a number of reasons, HIV/AIDS being the most common, in Bunjakko, a lot of eldery people find themselves without family. This combined with the lack of finances for self support then forces them into a life of suffering. We try to help in that situation such that they can live their last years in joy.

The Agro-Fisheries Project

As Arise and Shine Organization is situated in Bunjakko village which is an Island, we find that almost 99% of the population is into farming and fishing. We strongly belive in self sufficiency and know that if the population is performing well in these activities, a lot of our work can be transfered to the caring people of this community. We therefore provide them with better fishing and farming methods. We also provide farm inputs like treated seeds for free or at cheaper than market prices.

ASO also owns a garden from which we train our children farming. We in fact get some of the food to feed our children from this garden.

The Sanitation Project

Any one who has watched news before knows that the third world is always riddled with diseases. It is also self evident from observation that most of these diseases arise from poor saniation. In the early 2012, a lot of people contracted and some died of Cholera and Bilharzia in Bunjakko. With this realization, ASO started organizing seminars and meetings addressing the health concerns in the community.

To this day we continue do this, teaching people how to better take care of their homes and surrounding environment in such a way as to prevent harboring vectors. We encourage them to build pit latrines, slash tall bushes and drain stagnant water, to mention but a few. We are very proud to note that poor sanitation connected diseases are on an all time low in Bunjakko.