We can't do this alone

We have tried our level best to do what we can with our resources but the need is still there. We realise there are people willing to help and we are reaching our to such people. If you are one those people who believes that we are blessed to be a blessing, we encourage and welcome you in helping us take these services to as many children and people as possible. The children are our future, we are the present and our eldery our past. We need all to survive as a people.

Below are some of the ways in which we can be helped:

Current Needs

Sanitary Project:

USD $2,000 constructs a new borehole: 1,000 USD repairs a broken borehole: 571 USD sets up a rain water harvest project


These are some of the children we take care of. You can help us change their lives by donating USD $50 to provide school materials and school fees for a child for one whole school term: USD $35 can provide regular healthy meals to 5 children for a whole month: USD $50 can provide good regular healthy meals to a family for one whole month: USD $2,857 buys 1 acre for the orphanage

  • A bigger and more equipped orphanage at USD $38,500: USD $25 buys a mattress for a child: USD $100 buys a tripple decker bed that accomodates 3 children


  • A seven classroomed block at USD $21,076
  • An administration block at USD $22,076
  • Kitchen and dining hall at USD $19,652
  • School and office furniture at USD $14,000
USD $28,570 buys 10 acres for the charity school extension: USD $1,000 builds a standard classroom: USD $32 buys a classroom seat: USD $10 buys a text book: USD $150 pays a teacher for a month: USD $80 pays a cook for a month: USD $65 pays a cleaner for a month: USD $100 pays a security guard for a month: USD $10,000 buys a truck


These are some of the eldery we take care of. You can help us change their lives by donating USD $25 to provode good regular healthy meals together with basic medical care to an elderly person for one whole month: 1,500 USD builds a two roomed house with a store, kitchen, latrine and a solar light system

  • They also need houses with a water tank at USD $7,500


USD $25,713 buys 9 acres for farmland: USD $100 buys cereal seeds for 5 farmers enough to cultivate an acre of land each: USD $4,000 buys a legal standard fishing boat, fishing nets and a 9.9 Horse power engine for a group of 20 fishermen: 3 water pumps at $1,600 each, pipes at $1,200, 500 Hoes at $2,000, 250 slashers at $1,000, 250 pangas at $600, 20 wheel barrows at $1,440, 200 trowels at $800, maize grains 500Kg at $600, beans 500Kg at $700, 100 watering cans at $600, onion seeds including fertilizers and pesticides at $1,080, 2000 layer chicks at $2,000

Worship Center:

We need a designated place of worship to help groom our beneficiairies the reverence of the Lord

Our Needs


Where as we have some structures in place, we still need a great deal because some of the children still study under trees and yet even the few classes we have are being overwhelmed by the number of children that want to receive an education. The school also needs an administration block and staff quarters.

The house we use as our home for orphans and abandoned children is also not enough. We don't want to have to say no to accomodating a child. HELP US SAY YES.

As we continue to improve sanitation, we need to have better and more latrines to encourage proper disposal of human waste.

We also feel a need to have a worship center so that we can continue to bless the community with the Word of God. "Man shall not live of bread alone".

Because we help in renovating houses for the eldery, we need support in buying building materials and labor.

In summary:

  • A bigger better home
  • Latrines
  • More classrooms
  • Administration Block
  • Staff Quarters
  • Worship Center
  • Building Materials and Labor for Renovating the homes of the eldery

Water and Food

The lack of safe clean water is a very big problem in Bunjakko. Even though Bunjakko is an island, meaning that it is surrounded by water, a lot of people cannot afford to have this water purifed and made safe for drinking. There is a great need for a borehole and tanks to harvest rain water. We currently have a 2000 litre capacity tank but this runs out in only two days. In the dry seasons this means walking a 3 mile distance every other two days to get water.

Since we take care of children and the eldery, we constantly need to be able to provide them with food. Even though we have a small farm, it does not produce nearly as much food as is required to take care of all the children and eldery that we support. We therefore need to suppliment this food by buying some from the local markets.

Medical Care

As Uganda is a tropical country, its people face a number of tropical diseases like Malaria which claims many lives of children and expectant mothers. The government of Uganda has tried to extend medical services nearer to people but these service centers are overwhelmed by the volumes of patients needing medical attention. Combined this with many other factors like medical officers diverting public medicine to their private clinics and you end up with a lot of unecessary deaths. In trying to prevent such deaths, ASO treats all its beneficiaries from private hospitals. We need your help in continuing to provide medical care to our children and eldery.

Furniture, Beddings and Clothing

There is a continous need for clothing and beddings like mosquito nets, bed sheets and blankets since these wear out. We also need more furniture in terms of beds, desks, office furniture, chairs and benches. We shall use these in supporting our children, classrooms, home and the eldery.


For us to continue providing education to children we need support in terms of stationery. This includes exercise and text books, pens, pencils, art book, crayons, novels, dictionaries and bibles to mention but a few. Education is a critical requirement for a third world country's development. Help us provide a bright future to our children.


Farming and fishing is the main income earner for the community of Bunjakko. Whereas a little income has been realized by the people engaging in these activities, most of them don't know how to properly carry out these activities in a such a way as to generate enough money to sustain themselves. Seeing this, we decided to help out by teaching them better farming methods. We want to improve on this by setting up demonstration farms and fish ponds to help improve the income generated from these activities. We are certain that the number of children who grow up without basic needs will decrease as a result.

Energy and transport

Since there is no grid electricity in Bunjakko, we need support in providing alternatives sources of energy. We can do this through the installation of solar panels and generators. This can in turn help us provide other facilities like a computer lab. This is the information age and our children would benefit a whole lot in the future if they grew up with knowledge of computers. Where as this is not a basic need right now, we anticipate that by the time most of them grow up to acquire jobs, computer knowledge will be a requirement almost every where. Help us make their lives easier in the future by providing for them these skills now.

To help ease transport means to and from the island for staff and supplies, we need vehicles. Although we rent public transport for now, it is very costly. It would make a lot of work easier if we could have a few vehicles.


Whereas most of our workers are volunteers, we do provide some with allowances for transport, food and accomodation. Because we need most of them to work with us full time, we need to be able to pay salaries and wages to them. We need your help in providing this renumeration because these are the people who help make everything happen.

Secondary and Technical Schools

ASO provides primary education to children. This is well and good because it provides a basis for future education in secondary and tertiary institutions. That being said, a lot of the children and families cannot afford to attain money for attending post primary education. We therefore feel the need to set up secondary and technical schools that can help provide real world skills because lets face it, there aren't a lot of good paying jobs for primary educated people. Through these schools ASO intends to increase the number of skilled labor in Bunjakko.

Support our beneficiaries by buying products from them

We encourage our beneficiaries to start projects that can help them become self-sustaining. These are some of the items they make:

  • Mats for USD $200
  • Baskets for USD $150
  • Brooms for USD $100
  • T-shirts for USD $100
We accept support in monetary and non-monetary terms

For monetary Support:

Bank Account Name: ARISE AND SHINE ORG

Bank Account Number: 6004369198

Swift Code: BARCUGKX

Bank: Barclays Bank Uganda